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Return, Refund, Dispute

International Orders

Secure Ordering

Melted Chocolate

Shipping Cost & Policies

Secure Ordering:
   The information you will submit by the online order form could not be intercepted by a third party during transmission. Please note that some browsers and some MAC systems may warn you about insecurity which is only due to incompatibility. Our shopping cart is provided by You may check the security by clicking on the VeriSign logo on the order form.
Please fill out one form for each shipping address.
     If your browser dose not let you to send the order form, please place your order through another browser, contact us, or
print the order form and fax or mail it to us.
If you have any questions please ask us before submitting your order.

Ordering by Fax or Mail:
    If you wish to fax or mail your order, please click here to print the order form.

Registration & Privacy Policy:
    You do not need to register to be able to shop from our site, but have the option to check a box on the check out page (Order Form) to save your personal information to ease your future purchases. No user ID and Password needed.
Your privacy is protected.
We never share your e-mail address with anyone.

Shipping Cost & Policies:
    We try to charge the actual shipping cost and use real time shipping calculation system, but due to the variations of the items ordered together and different sizes of boxes and shipping materials, the calculated shipping cost is not always accurate. So, we randomly review some of the orders and refund the customer if paid extra. The shopping cart calculates the shipping cost of your order by considering the total estimated shipping weight of the products in the cart. Shipping weight is the total weight of the package (including the items, box and packaging materials).

Due to the labor needed for preparing large gift baskets and large orders, sometimes we have to consider a handling fee to cover the labor cost. This handling fee is in addition to the total you get from the shopping cart. We'll contact you and let you know, if such a fee is required for your order.
   Our shipping carriers are United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS and/or FedEx, depending on the time of the year. To know the shipping cost for your order, put all the items you would like to purchase in the cart and click the check out button. On the second page of the order form, before submitting the order, you can choose different methods of shipping and see the cost of each. If you believe the given cost by the cart is too high, you may e-mail us for a shipping cost quote (providing the item numbers, quantities, shipping zip code and method of shipping) and we will double check and let you know.

Please make sure to provide the complete shipping address. It should be correct and deliverable by UPS/FedEx. Otherwise, UPS/FedEx charge $10.00 per address correction and it will be charged to your card.

Specific Delivery Date: If it is necessary for your order to be delivered for a specific date, please mention it in the comment section of the order form. Please choose the appropriate shipping method based on your desired delivery date and allow a few days for possible delays. Choosing overnight, 2Day or 3Day shipping method dose not mean the package will be delivered in one, 2 or 3 days after placing the order, it only means it will be delivered within that time after it shipped from our location. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are not considered as business days for transit time. We are located in California and Ground shipping takes 1-6 business days depending on the destination. Please allow at least 3 days for possible delays in shipping.

     We do our best to ship orders the same day or on the next business day, but do not guarantee it, because of very high demands, and because to ensure the quality, we keep our main inventory in a cool warehouse about 35 miles away from our operation.

       Saturday delivery is available to some destinations only via USPS Express mail and UPS/FedEx Overnight services. On the order form, please mention if you do or do not wish your order to be delivered on Saturday. There will be no extra charge for Saturday delivery via USPS Express mail, but $20.00 will be added for UPS/FedEx.

     Shipping Claims: We are not responsible for delay, breakage, loss or melting in transit. Any claims for shipment loss or damage must be made with the carrier. Liability for all goods damaged or lost in transit rests with the carrier. In the event of a problem, customer should file a claim directly with the freight company and of course we will do our best to help you with providing the necessary information and following up the case. After shipping, Global Chocolates is not responsible for any delays in performance which result from labor disturbances and any cause beyond our control, which include acts of God or governmental intervention or weather delays. In these cases, the shipping cost will be refunded to you only if the carrier refunds us.
We are not responsible for merchandise reaching the destination or not. We are not responsible for USPS, FedEx or UPS delays, damages or non-deliveries. By ordering from us we are both entering a shipping contract only. We cannotguarantee on delivery by the shipping carriers. If we accept your payment we are only agreeing to ship the merchandise and present to you the proof of shipment, and nothing else. In case of lost, delay or any other claims, you have to directly contact and work with your local office of the shipping carrier and we can refund you only if the carrier refunds us. You may write a request to us to authorize us for shippinginsurance cost.
We do not accept any responsibility for damages, loss or other types of claims.Our responsibility ends with the proof of shipment. If you do not agree with the above, please cancel your order immediately.

      If a package returns to us for any reason other than our fault, including but not limited to wrong address, signature requirement or refusal by the recipient, you require to provide a deliverable shipping address and pay for the reshipping cost. No refund will be paid for the order.

Melted Chocolate:
    During the hot weather time, we do our best to protect the chocolates from melting but we are not responsible for melted chocolates. Melting sometimes happens due to postal delivery delays or when the package delivered and left in the mail box or at the door in a hot place, or just because of the hot weather.

   We suggest you to ask for your order to be shipped to your work place or DO NOT place an order to be shipped to a destination you know is very hot and there is a risk of melting. NO refund or reship will be offered in the case of melting.

   If you like "Special Warm Weather Packaging", please click here to add it to your shopping cart. Even with this extra protection, we DO NOT guarantee the chocolates against melting. To protect your chocolates from melting, there might be some delays in shipping during very hot days and we reserve the right to refuse shipping, whenever we feel the chance of melting is very high.

International Orders:
    For orders placed from out of the USA, to be shipped to an international destination, or by using an international credit card, we may ask for a clear copy of your signed ID and both sides of the signed credit card to be emailed or faxed to us (emailed copies are preferred). Or we may post one or more test refundable charges to your card and ask you to verify the amount and date of them. This is for credit card verification purposes only. We reserve the right to refuse any international order. The best method of payment for international orders is sending a money order in US funds to our mailing address along with your order. Click here to print a mail order form.    
     International orders will be shipped only to selected countries and takes15-30 business days for delivery (sometimes even more, if the customs of the destination country hold the package).
Also, for credit card verification purposes, shipping will be delayed. So, we cannot guarantee delivery date for any international order.
    Sometimes our shopping cart can not calculate the correct shipping cost for international orders. If it charges you more than our cost we will refund your card and if it charges less, we ask for your authorization to charge the difference. The order confirmation email you receive after placing the order is an auto responder and dose not show the correct shipping cost for international orders.

Due to International delivery delays and high risk of package loss,
please be aware that by placing an order to be shipped to a destination out of the US,
you agree to the following terms and conditions for our international  shipping:

1-  You agree that by placing this order you relieve Globalchocolates of responsibility of delivering this order to the recipient in an oversease country.
2- You agree that once you receive the shipping confirmation email sent by USPS which includes the tracking number, you will relieve from responsibility of delivery.
3- You will not contact the credit card company and request charge back because the item is not delivered by the foreign postal service.
4- In case of none delivery and package loss, you will wait for to contact the USPS for issuing refund.
5- You will not hold responsible for delivery in a foreign country.
6- We may charge you an extra amount for insuring the package, so in case it is lost we can recover the costs for you and ourselves. .

Failure to agree with the above will cancel your order and it will not be processed.

Order Cancellation, Return, Refund, Dispute
    By placing an order, you agree with our terms notified on this page, on the order form and any other place on our web site or in confirmation e-mails. A legal contract will be made between you and us upon placing the order. You can ask to cancel your order for a refund minus $3.00 fee, before it is packed subject to the following exceptions.
Refunds cannot be processed immediately, please expect up to 45 days for the refund process.

Gift baskets, gift sets and hand-made wedding favors are not pre-made; we make them upon receiving the order. No cancellation is possible after the items have been made.
No cancellation is possible for orders placed for "Special Order Items". These items Include: Cote d'Or, Hachez, Guitard, Koppers, Milka and Ritter Sport and all liqueur chocolates.
Other items are subject to 25% restocking fee if the order canceled after packaging and before shipping.
No cancellation and refund is accepted after shipping or after 30 days of placing the order.

    If a package is returned to us by the carrier for any reason (wrong address,  recipient not in, refused by recipient,etc.) we will contact you and you will need to provide a correct shipping address and specify a date for reshipping the package. Customer is responsible for the reshipping cost, since we have legally fulfilled our original obligation.
     Due to perishable nature of our products, health reasons and to protect our customers' safety, we do not resale any returned chocolates, so we cannot accept returns and NO refund will be made after shipment, when there was no fault from our side.

     Lindt chocolates are "Quality Guaranteed" by the manufacturer. "Global Chocolates" is a Lindt's reseller (we are not Lindt company) so we are not responsible for any possible manufacturing problems in the chocolates. If you find any quality problem in the chocolates, you should directly contact "Lindt Consumer Affairs" by sending an email to: or by calling: 603-778-3392.
     To resolve any problems with Global Chocolates' service, please describe the problem in writing to "" or "Global Chocolates, P.O.Box 764, Hayward, CA. 94543" and we'll respond to your mail in writing. Voice message is not valid and acceptable for resolving the problems.
      Due to merchant service charge back fee and the time we have to spend to respond the disputes, effective 1-1-04, filling a dispute with credit card company will be resulted in $25.00 Non-refundable service charge fee to your card, if we prove the problem was not our fault and we have done our best according to our published policies.

Hot Weather Shipping Policies (Usually between May and September):

 1. Purchasing the extra protection against melting is mandatory and it will be added to all orders even if you do not add it to your order. The charge is to cover the cost for extra materials used for protection and also to cover the extra shipping cost due to the extra weight of the package caused by protecting materials, including the Ice packs.

 2. To prevent from melting and ensure the quality, the on hand inventory will be kept at the lowest possible . We get new supplies per order received, so in some cases it may takes up to 4 weeks before we can ship your order. If you need the order for a specific date, please send us an email to check the availability and we'll make a plan to ship your order on time.

 4. To protect the chocolates from melting, shipping will be delayed when the weather is very hot .

 5. Considering above notes, choosing overnight delivery dose not mean you will receive your order the day after placing it, it only means that the shipping carrier is supposed to deliver it the day after it shipped.

 6. Please read above about melted chocolates.

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Our preferred method of communication is email. We may not be able to return your calls.
Please email us with your questions, if you like to get a faster response.
Your privacy is protected. We never share your e-mail address with anyone.

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